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Kelly Hart & Associates, Inc.

Donor Cultivation

Kelly Hart & Associates are first and foremost fundraisers who believe in putting donors first. Our philosophy is that our clients will receive funding by helping donors achieve their philanthropic goals.  

Kelly Hart & Associates has extensive experience developing relationships with, and cultivating, foundation and corporate funders. We realize that people give money to people. That is why we help our clients focus on building relationships with their donors. Kelly Hart & Associates have developed relationships with dozens of foundations, corporations and government grant officials. We train and coach nonprofits to use a personalized and effective approach to fundraising.   We also assist clients in utilizing successful methods of cultivating donors (including corporations and foundations); making initial inquiry calls; conducting long-term cultivation of donors via phone, social media, in-person meetings, tours, etc.; and focusing on meeting their donors' philanthropic needs while simultaneously meeting their own

We respect our clients’ time and that of their donors, so we will re-direct our clients away from funders that do not share their mission and vision so they remain focused on those funders with the greatest potential for giving.

Kelly Hart & Associates has access to several databases to conduct comprehensive research for our clients and identify new potential funders. We then work with clients to cultivate these donors through direct contact, visits, and other venues. Finally, we maintain grant charts on all of the proposals submitted and contacts made with donors.  This helps our clients to manage and maintain successful relationships with their foundation and corporate donors.

Fundraising Assessment

Kelly Hart & Associates assesses its clients’ current fundraising strategies and discusses ways to enhance and improve them. This includes conducting needs assessments; conducting capacity-building activities; incorporating or expanding a direct mail campaign; creating an endowment fund; adding a planned giving component; engaging the Board of Directors in more fundraising activities; and eliminating "shotgun" proposal writing and replacing it with a successful, more targeted, relationship-focused approach that results in better results and larger grants.  Other services include:

  • Establishing and coordinating fundraising and marketing strategies
  • Assisting with capacity building activities, including securing grant funding to conduct them.
  • Creating and maintaining effective fundraising strategies that resulted in revenue increases of up to 50% and greatly enhanced clients' relationships with their funders.
  • Conducting fundraising and grantwriting workshops/training for clients
  • Writing proposals, case statements, program reports, and appeal letters
  • Coordinating donor calls and visits Conducting prospect research.


Successful proposal writing goes well beyond just completing an application form. Kelly Hart & Associates work with clients to identify all their program, endowment, capital campaign and/or operational funding needs and then researches private and public funding sources to help meet those needs. We work with clients to introduce them to foundation and corporate funders prior to submitting a formal request – and to maintain relationships through long-term cultivation.

Kelly Hart & Associates also proactively helps clients identify state, federal, county and other public grant opportunities and then writes and submits these grant requests.  Successes include:

  • Receiving numerous five-, six- and seven-figure grants totaling nearly $50 million for programs, operations and capital campaigns.
  • Writing, managing and reporting on countless foundation, corporate, state, federal and other grants.
  • Receiving the 2013/14 and 2014/15 Board of Visitors Care Card grant.
  • Receiving two $100,000 Phoenix Suns Charities Playmaker Awards and an Arizona Diamondbacks Grand Slam Award.
  • Receiving a two-year Federal Research Grant ($750,000) and the only Charter School Program Dissemination Grant ($525,000) in the U.S. in 2005.


Hundreds of individuals have learned successful grant writing and fundraising techniques from Kelly Hart & Associates. Kelly Hart provides one-on-one and group training on these topics. She also has conducted seminars at local and national conferences, including those sponsored by Arizona State University, the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness, the National Charter School Clearinghouse, St. Luke Health Initiatives' Technical Assistance Program (TAP), the Arizona Charter School Association, and the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement.

She also has written several articles on successful fundraising and grant writing techniques that have been featured in numerous print and on-line publication.  Successes include:

  • Training dozens of CEOs, Development Directors, Grant Writers, and Administrators how to write successful proposals.

  • Working with school principals, teachers and administrators to identify competitive and non-competitive grant opportunities through their state's department of education, the U.S. Department of Education, and cities and counties and how to apply for them.

  • Training numerous Development Directors on how to assess their fundraising strategy on an ongoing basis to ensure they have a diverse funding base. This includes teaching fundraisers how to add new fundraising components (i.e. direct mail campaign, Board engagement in fundraising, endowments, planned gifts, etc.) to ensure they are not relying solely on one or two sources of funding and have a good balance of funding sources to ensure long-term sustainability.